925works products



Power Button Earrings on Silver Loop:

These silver earrings are molded from actual power buttons from a real computer. Each pair is polished and finished by hand.



.925 Silver Power Bracelet:

Power right on your wrist. This bracelet is made from hammered 10 -gauge sterling with a power button welded in the center. Each is made by hand and is marked with a serial number. Please provide wrist measurement for proper sizing.


Fork Designs

JellyForks are great conversation starters.  Size varies with fork used, and no two are alike.



Cut Charms

Unique designs cut from silver quarters made 1964 and earlier (90% silver). One side is polished smooth for the design; the reverse shows the date. A perfect gift.                                                                                       

Peace sign                                                  $50.00

Custom Designs                                           e-mail design for a quote

Leather cord w Silver ends                           $15.00

Power Button Earrings on Post:

Same design as above, but these have posts on the reverse.


Pair                                                           $60.00

Single Post Earring                                     $30.00

Silver Heart

Silver heart cut from antique spoons. These are hand cut and finished. Hearts are available with a hole for hanging (a), or a hidden half loop on back for a choker or bracelet (b).

                                                         a     $50.00


                                                          b    $50.00

                          Heart with leather bracelet $60.00

Power Cufflinks

What do you need to go with that power suit? Power cufflinks. Solid silver and shaped to fit, they make the perfect accessory for the power player in your life. Order now for shipment by the end of January.  



Power Charm

This is a single button on a silver split ring. Perfect for wearing as a pendant.